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Pleasure becomes pain; pain turns to pleasure.

As we are exposed to a stimulus that causes a pleasant or unpleasant response, more than just developing an adaptation to that stimulus, we develop an opposite secondary emotion or sensation. This secondary reaction can be deeper and/or longer lasting than the initial reaction, and as the stimulus is repeated, the initial response can become weaker while the secondary response grows stronger.

Blume Attempt

Just like you

Blume Attempt is the artistic name of the Spanish artist based in Leipzig (Germany) Javier Vivancos.

In his second EP «Just like you», Blume Attempt creates a sound of its own where modern electronic experimental music interweaves with strong influences of industrial music from the late 80s.

After a first digital release on Banned In Vegas record label ("Perpetual", 2016), Javier Vivancos does a retrospective exercise and projects more aggressive and repetitive sounds and textures in his compositions, passed through his personal filter, leading him to create four new cuts that suppose his first recordings for Hedonic Reversal.

Live Shows:
Echo Bücher 18/11/17 (Berlin)
Razzmatazz 1/09/17 (Barcelona)
Salt Mortal 22/07/17 (Berga)
Laut 16/06/17 (Barcelona)
Wer-Haus 09/12/16 (Barcelona)
Wer-Haus 22/07/16 (Barcelona)

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