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Pleasure becomes pain; pain turns to pleasure.

As we are exposed to a stimulus that causes a pleasant or unpleasant response, more than just developing an adaptation to that stimulus, we develop an opposite secondary emotion or sensation. This secondary reaction can be deeper and/or longer lasting than the initial reaction, and as the stimulus is repeated, the initial response can become weaker while the secondary response grows stronger.


las tres fases del movimiento

Huma is the personal project of Andrés Satué, half of the duo Esquelas, project in which they released “Inciso” (Ensmble) and more recently “Un pozo lleno de anzuelos” (Bestiarie). He was participant in the RedBull Muisc Academy BassCamp in Madrid 2015. He is also cofounder of Versal and Bicefal.

This is his first EP as Huma. “Las tres fases del movimiento" is based on two ideas, on one hand the three phases of movement of Meyerhold biomechanics, and on the other hand the three phases of movement in bodybuilding. Joining these two ideas he generates a very physical, visceral and emotional journey.

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